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We love what we do and it shows! This feedback from our clients says it all! 

Thanks to Dr. McAdams and his team, my family and I are on a better path to dental health. You won’t be disappointed with any of the hygienists! They are all extremely caring, informative and make you feel comfortable throughout your visit. The receptionists are wonderful at confirming your appointments and getting you seen, as soon as available. My son was very nervous his first visit. Immediately after leaving the Warren Dental office; he said it was the best dental visit he’s ever had. My family and I will happily be patients of Dr. McAdams and his staff for years to come. Thank you, The Reyes Family

The Reyes Family (April 2022 - PatientConnect365)

Excellent. I have been coming here for years and the entire staff is professional, friendly and knowledgeable.

Lynn C. (May 2022 - Google)

Diane, Dr. McAdams and Krista not only give me the best of care but take a special interest in me.

Sue S. (May 2022 - Google)

I give them 5 stars!

Robert C. (May 2022 - Google)

I give them 5 stars!

Thomas M. (May 2022 - Google)

Big shout out to Warren Dental Associates, Dr McAdams and his assistant Crista. Had a few teeth pulled today, great job. Thanks very much.

Michael K. (April 2022 - PatientConnect365)

Nicole was very professional and made sure I was very comfortable. I am glad Sharon the reception is back. Thank you

Lori A. (April 2022 - Google)

Been coming here for years. Never had any problems. Staff is awesome. Recently had a crown put on a back molar by Dr macadams. He made the procedure very comfortable and quick. Stephanie his assistant was also amazing at what she did. Definitely recommend for any dentistry needs. Top notch.

Matt (March 2022 - Google)

Great dentist. Took care of a bad tooth last minute and now it’s perfect again.

James M. (April 2022 - Google)

All the staff very helpful, kept me at ease. Got a plan together with Dr. McAdams. Explained everything to me. The experience was great.

Michael K. (March 2022 - PatientConnect365)

I give them 5 stars!

Louis S. (April 2022 - Google)

I give them 5 stars!

E. Baxter (April 2022 - Google)

I give them 5 stars!

Liz T. (April 2022 - Google)

I give them 5 stars!

William S. (April 2022 - Google)

I give them 5 stars!

Nellie (April 2022 - Google)

I give them 5 stars!

Patricia M. (March 2022 - Google)

I give them 5 stars!

John A. (March 2022 - Google)

I give them 5 stars!

Madge B. (March 2022 - Google)

I give them 5 stars!

Lane S. (March 2022 - Google)

I give them 5 stars!

Mike M. (March 2022 - Google)

I give them 5 stars!

Christopher P. (March 2022 - Google)

They're the BEST! Team approach, review your case at 7:30am with dentist before you get there, caring, .. modern facilities. What more could you ask for?

Charles H. (February 2022 - PatientConnect365)

Great experience - Dental cleaning! Best experience I have had, and the dental techs at Warren Dental are all good. I had a cleaning and x rays on February 1, 2021. The dental tech was most professional, knowledgeable and personable. Explained every step of the process offering good advice. She was a pleasure to work with.

Michael B. (February 2022 - Google)

I have been a patient at Warren Dental for 15 years. There has been a change of ownership and some turnover of the hygienists, but the top notch level of care and professionalism continues.

Elisabeth L. (January 2022 - Google)

I went in for a crown prep and with the new high technology computer I left the same day with the crown and it was very good and painless appointment! Thank you Dr.Drummond and Karen!

Elizabeth S. (Nov. 2021 - PatientConnect365)

My mother (Lori A.) had a wonderful experience with Dr. Timothy McAdams. He was extremely caring and compassionate and she’s looking forward to continuing as his patient after being under Dr. Kerwin for many years. Warren Dental is lucky to have him.

Stephen A. (Oct. 2021 - Facebook)

5 stars!

Veber T. (January 2022 - Google)

5 stars!

George D. (January 2022 - Google)

5 stars!

Tracy W. (January 2022 - Google)

Always has been great with us. Nice and try their best to accommodate in these crazy times. New person took the practice over and he seems great as well. Glad I found a quality dental practice for my entire family!!!

A. Deblois (January 2022 - Google)

Care provided by Warren Dental Associates is always stellar. I have been getting dental care from their group since the age of 5. Clinical care is top notch and administrative support staff are friendly and professional.

Debra D. (January 2022 - Google)

5 stars!

David N. (January 2022 - Google)

5 stars!

Ben L. (January 2022 - Google)

5 stars!

Paula B. (January 2022 - Google)

Professional and friendly staff.

Mike P. (December 2021 - Google)

Outstanding! My entire family, self included, have been patients of Dr. Kerwin’s forever. Until today, I could never imagine having any other dentist work on my teeth. Dr. McAdams was outstanding! Extremely informative/knowledgeable, professional and friendly. He has brought so much new technology to “Warren Dental” that I highly recommend you go there. Did you know they have a 3D machine to make crowns?!! They do now! And I got to see it in action and learn all about it. WOW! Talk about convenience and innovation…. The machine is so precise, that Dr. McAdams mentioned he has done over 4,000 and never had one do-over. They all fit perfectly the first time around and all in just two hours!! I left there today with crown in place and only had one restriction… no beverages or food for 1 hour. Whoohooo! Say good buy to the two week wait for a crown which sometimes comes in & doesn’t fit properly and has to go back out. Then get refitted, blah, blah, blah. Today’s crown fit, it matched, and the doc said it looked gorgeous! Imagine. My tooth is gorgeous! ☺️lol I have always referred “Warren Dental” especially after the many compliments on my teeth bleaching 30 years ago. I will without a doubt continue to refer here, as I am more confident after today, that Dr. Kerwin has left our teeth and his practice in great hands! Between Dr. Drummin’s and Dr. McAdams you can’t possibly go wrong. All Smiles and Merry Christmas!

Kim H. (Dec. 2021 - Facebook)

5 stars!

Paula B. (January 2022 - Google)

I was very pleased with the promptness and service received relating to my cracked tooth.They did a beautiful job of capping it and it was all done within a few hours. Thank you Warren Dental.

Terry F. (Dec. 2021 - Google)

5 stars!

Rickielee D. (January 2022 - Google)

5 stars!

Jennifer S. (January 2022 - Google)

5 stars!

Jennifer S. (January 2022 - Google)

5 stars!

M. Bernard (January 2022 - Google)

Excellent practice. Very well organized, you never have to wait for your appointment to begin. Use of the text appointment reminder and check in is a great add. The staff is always very attentive to my needs.

Mike D. (Dec. 2021 - Google)

You would never know there was a change in ownership. The office is running very smooth with very helpful staff.

M. Matrone (Nov. 2021 - PatientConnect365)

Wonderful group of people in this dental practice! Everyone is so professional, competent, friendly and kind. Great customer service from the office staff and wonderful dental care from the dentists, hygienists, assistants etc… As a person who was phobic of going to the dentist ( bad childhood experiences), I can honestly say I am not afraid of going to Warren Dental. They have earned my trust and respect. They take their time, explain procedures, welcome and answer questions and are extra sensitive to those of us who have had previous bad experiences. I can honestly say that Warren Dental is THE BEST!

Anonymous (Nov. 2021 - PatientConnect365)

I give them 5 stars!

K. Madsen (Nov. 2021 - Google)

My Hygenist always does a wonderful job, very professional. The New Dentist was very pleasant explained my needs well.

Susan A. (Nov. 2021 - PatientConnect365)

I received excellent care by the very professional, kind, caring dental hygienist Krista and was so impressed by how well she worked together with Dr McAdams. It was my first time not having Dr Kerwin, whom I’ve trusted most of my life and am sad to hear of his need to lessen his time here. He will be dearly missed. Dr McAdams is a great addition. He is so kind, caring, easy going and great at suggesting and explaining his care. Again I’m so impressed with how well he worked with, respected, and team approached my care with his awesome dental hygienist. She was so sweet, neat, and conscientious in cleaning the environment and so attentive to my needs as well. GREAT job all around to the staff too!

Jane F. (Oct. 2021 - PatientConnect365)

I walked in there today very stressed. Only because I needed a crown and this is my first experience needing this. You know how our imagination goes with the unfamiliar at the dentist office.. I’ve been going to Warren Dental for about 40 years and I am not going to share how old I am!! Dr. Kerwin is a sweet soul. He has a very peaceful and calming manner that he carries with him. Just what I needed at this visit! And Dr Drumin sorry if I misspelled his name has a very enthusiastic attitude of diving in with an energy that can be felt! It’s what he was called to do, I believe. And then Karen , Dr. Kerwin’s nurse. Very sweet and very real and very knowledgeable! I am so happy I have never floated around with different Dentist. There hasn’t been any need to! Which is to the patients advantage and also the Staffs. It’s truly as you age you begin to see things much more clearly how lovely some people really are. And they add some great things to society! I appreciate gentleness and kindness I really think they are wonderful . And I appreciated all of their professionalism that was truly displayed . GRATEFUL .

Val M. (Google)

Even though I've moved further away, I will not change my Dentist. Everyone here is very friendly and professional. I fear that If I leave I will never find a better place.

Heather V. (Yelp)

Love everyone here! I've been a patient here for so many years and plan on many more. It is the only place I'd go for all my dental needs!!!

Celeste R. (Oct. 2021 - PatientConnect365)

I give them 5 stars!

D. Pavao (Nov. 2021 - Google)

I have always had nice experiences at Warren Dental. The hygienist is great, comfortable and thorough. I am always glad that I went. Dr Drummond is an excellent dentist.

Brenda G. (Nov. 2021 - Google)

Friendly, kind, competent support.

Eileen M. (Oct. 2021 - PatientConnect365)

Been with Warren Dental since I was a kid, and have always had a positive experience. Patty is very thorough, the staff is professional and courteous, and the doctors are great. I highly recommend them.

Ana D. (Nov. 2021 - PatientConnect365)

Excellent customer service. Patty is always very professional, engaging, and thorough. She has been my dental hygienist for many years. The infection control practices are best practice in the industry. Dr. Kerwin and Dr. Drummond provide excellent care and always provide appropriate options based on my dental needs. Highly recommend this amazing team.

Ann B. (Oct. 2021 - PatientConnect365)

I had the kindest hygienist. She made my teeth feel like brand new.

Dyxie L. (Google)

Awesome experience w/cleaning! Thank you!

Bonnie B. (Oct. 2021)

The doctors and support staff are knowledgeable, efficient, friendly, and sensitive to financial issues. Who could ask for anything more!

Arthur W. (Nov. 2021 - PatientConnect365)

Outstanding and compassionate. I was not a patient, I had a dental emergency and couldn’t get a hold of my own dentist, so I took a chance by calling them and the on call dentist called back right away Dr Mcadams went above and beyond for someone who was not his patient and never met! and his associates were so amazing and helpful. They make you feel comfortable and they care!

Patricia L. (Sept. 2021 - PatientConnect365)

I just went in for a cleaning and I was informed that I grind my teeth. The efficient hygenist and dentist arranged for me to get a mouth guard on the spot. The impressions took all of 15 minutes to do. I cannot express enough how happy I am that I changed to Warren Dental!

Kapu-Lannie S. (Oct. 2021 - PatientConnect365)

Had my first appointment, the staff was amazing, compassionate, caring, respectful, and so so friendly. I was so nervous and scared, they made me feel comfortable and relaxed..You guys are awesome.

Maria S. (Oct. 2021-PatientConnect365)

Always a positive experience with Jodie. I'm very happy with how thoroughly my teeth are cleaned. My bottom teeth are very close together and they are not easy to to maneuver. Jodie as well as everyone else there spends the time to do it thoroughly. Thx

Daniel M. (Oct. 2021 - PatientConnect365)

Set up for a crown. Very professional and informative and did not feel a thing Enjoyable people and surroundings.

Anonymous (Oct. 2021 - PatientConnect365)

I’ve been going to this dentist office for over 25 years. The staff and dentist are awesome. I travel extensively so my schedule is always full and I run around the country but when something happens like a cracked tooth the staff always gets me in for treatment ASAP. Great job guy!

Dennis E. (Oct. 2021 - PatientConnect365)

Warren dental is the best it has the best staff around they are very helpful and friendly

Richard B. (Oct. 2021 - PatientConnect365)

First visit. Great experience. Cheyenne was wonderful.

John B. (Sept. 2021 - PatientConnect365)

As always my visit was most pleasant and professional. My hygienist was punctual, professional and I felt cared for.

Linda S. (Sept. 2021 - PatientConnect365)

Excellent great advice

Anthony S. (Sept. 2021 - PatientConnect365)

Excellent care given always. Would highly recommend her and the staff.

Donna G. (Sept. 2021 - PatientConnect365)

I can’t believe how quick the procedure was done, my appointment was at 10:40 and I was in my car at 10:53, also the assistant and Dr. McAdams were very pleasant and made me feel calm and comfortable.

David A. (Sept. 2021 - PatientConnect365)

Great job yesterday on my cleaning. 5 stars Thank you

MaryMartha M. (Sept. 2021 - PatientConnect365)

It’s wonderful to find a dentist I feel comfortable with and trust for my dental needs.

Laura T. (Sept. 2021 - PatientConnect365)

My wife,2 two children and I have been patients since the Dr. Augustine Ramos Days which goes back more than 40 years and the dental care offered by the late Dr Ramos; and the current Drs John Kerwin and Dr Drummond have been nothing less than outstanding. There have been times when they rendered care on weekends because of family emergencies and I must say they did it with a smile despite the fact that we took away from their personal time. Enter Dr Tim McAdams who has recently affiliated himself with this wonderful team and he has adapted quite well with the staff….they all love him and once you meet him, you will understand why. Both he and Dr Kerwin are graduates of the Georgetown University School of Dentistry, so their start has been top notch right from their graduation and continues to this day with well over 30 years experience in their respective practices. My family and I are looking forward to continuing the wonderful relationship that has been cultivated over the many years that we have been patients. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WARREN DENTAL ASSOCIATES TEAM!

Jerome S. (July 2021 - PatientConnect365)

Awesome service. My hygienist was great, very warm and friendly, facility is very accommodating, been going here for years, highly recommended.

Donald V. (August 2021 - PatientConnect365)

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